Yet Another Recap

Last week I spent most of my time moving to our new flat, looking for furniture and most importantly planning our kitchen. Therefore this week’s links are the next part of my recap from May and June.

#Why you should avoid primitive types

I can hardly find reasons to use dynamic types for anything meant to run in production anymore.

If you use a strictly typed language like Elm, this post explains how you can further improve documentation and compilation errors by using custom types.

📃 Thoughtbot’s post: Lessons Learned: Avoiding Primitives in Elm

#Network Protocols

Another great summary written by Gary Bernhardt. This time he focused on network protocols and how they allow you to read this text.

📃 From Gary Bernhardt’s Programmer’s Compendium: Network Protocols

#Open Source CSV Viewer

I stumbed upon this handy open-source tool to view CSV files. It’s supposed to work especially well working with large files.

🎁 Free CSV Viewer: Tad Viewer

#WebAssembly in production

Since WebAssembly is now supported in most modern browsers, some people already started using it in production. Figma is a not only a really good design tool, it also has an interesting technology stack.

Evan Wallace wrote about his experience using WebAssembly in production to make Figma load and run faster.

📃 Evan Wallace on Figma’s use of WebAssembly: WebAssembly cut Figma’s load time by 3x

#Adopting Flow has “faster” type safety than TypeScript

Although TypeScript seems to have more users than flow, it is not better at everything. When I evaluated flow and TypeScript for Improbable’s tech stack, there were multiple things it did better.

One thing I didn’t know back then is that flow’s type system is quicker at finding errors when you start typing an existing JavaScript code base.

📃 James Kyle on: Adopting Flow & TypeScript