CSS Grid

Last week the web got a new layout system (or is very close to getting it). Personally I’m really excited about it, since I believe it enables a new set of tools to design for the web.

Besides this great opportunity I’ve also read some other things I want to share with you.

#Microsoft updates CSS Grid for Edge

With the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera supporting CSS Grid, Edge is the last missing evergreen desktop browser. Fortunately Microsoft announced last week that they are working on updating the outdated CSS Grid support in Edge to the latest version of the spec.

I’m looking forward to learn and implement my website with CSS Grids once Edge supports it. Then it’s only Opera Mini and the default Chrome-based Android browser left.

#Learn CSS Grid

Now that browser support is almost there, it’s time to learn this new layout algorithm. Thomas Park created a nice little game to teach you some of the basics.

🎮 Play & Learn: CSS Garden

#Programmer Competency Matrix

I’m not a fan of using a table to judge the competency of a programmer. The levels of understanding are subjective and different programming jobs require different competencies in these levels.

Nevertheless this might give you some ideas about areas where you can improve your skills as a programmer. Programming is such a vast field, that you might not know about the existence of certain areas or tools, especially if you are self-taught.

📃 Read Sijin Joseph’s: Programmer Competency Matrix

#iOS Git Client

Last but not least I’ve just found this Git client for iOS. This might be useful if you need to hotfix a simple bug on production or update your website.

I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks promising and better than the apps I’ve tried.

📱 Source for iOS Source Website