Functional Reactive Programming

Having had a very good experience in building a website using Functional Reactive Programming I want to learn more about it. So I created this page for collecting definitions, explanations and reading material about it.

#What is Functional Reactive Programming?

The essence of reactive programming is encapsulation of state changes.


The essence of functional reactive programming is to specify the dynamic behavior of a value completely at the time of declaration.

Heinrich Apfelmus

This stackoverflow question also has a very detailed answer by Conal Elliot with more links and papers I haven’t read yet. Another definition extracted from this thread is the following:

The basic idea behind reactive programming is that there are certain datatypes that represent a value "over time".

Laurence Gonsalves

Additionally I highly recommend reading Kris Kowal’s in-depth General Theory of Reactivity.

#How does it look like?

Philipp Roberts gave a talk demonstrating how FRP code written with Bacon.js is implemented in JavaScript.