Functional Programming

#What is functional programming and why should I learn it?

The most pragmatic explanation about what FP is and why it’s useful I have read is What is functional programming by Kris Jenkins. Robert C. Martin gave a very good introduction to the topic at NDC 2014 conference.

#What is Category Theory?

I can recommend Category Theory for Programmers by Bartosz Milewski. He has not yet finished this series, but you can read the work-in-progress on his website already.

#How does functional programming apply to JavaScript?

Brian Lonsdorf is writing a book called “Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming”. You can read its current version for free on GitHub. He also gave a great Pluralsight course: Hardcode Functional Programming in JavaScript. Additionally there are some free videos on The next book I’ll read about that topic is JavaScript Allongé, The “Six” Edition by Reginald Braithwaite.