Effective Web Development Teams

Some days ago I stumbled across the "Joel Test" for software teams by Joel Stolsky, which includes 12 steps to better code. His post inspired me to write my own test especially for web development teams as I think it differs in some points. This may also be handy during interviews when it’s your turn to ask questions.

#Answer these questions with "yes" or "no":

  1. Do you use version control?
  2. Do you start projects with prototypes?
  3. Do you have daily meetings?
  4. Do you have an up-to-date schedule?
  5. Do you have a database for bugs and issues?
  6. Do you write automated tests?
  7. Do you use a build process for front-end and back-end?
  8. Do you write open source software?
  9. Do you support side projects?
  10. Do you have a budget for training or conferences?

Give your team 1 point for each "yes" answer. 10 points are perfect. 8 and 9 a great. If you have 7 points and below ask yourself why you had to answer questions with "no" and if you could change that.