Demanding Professionalism in Software Development

by Robert C. Martin (45min)


After his usual digression on physics and science, Robert starts his talk at 05:30 and plays the role of your new CTO. He asks if we act like professionals and explains why we need to. Then he demands the following of professional programmers:

13:48 We will not ship shit

15:08 You will always be ready (to deploy)

19:18 Stable productivity

21:20 Inexpensive adaptability

25:00 Continuous improvement

27:10 Fearless competence

29:50 Extreme quality

32:43 QA will find nothing

34:57 We cover for each other

36:57 Honest estimates

39:17 You to say “No”

41:14 Automation

42:23 Continuous aggressive learning

43:32 Mentoring

a favourite talk shared by Max