Finding a Way Out

by Chris Granger (33min)

photo of Chris Granger giving the talk 'Finding a Way Out'


07:30 Programming is unobservable.

09:33 Programming is indirect.

11:24 Programming is incidentally complex.

12:55 Every time we found ourselves manually managing something, we’ve built some system to do it for us.

We were handwriting binaries , so we got Fortran. We were managing memory manually and so we got garbage collectors. We were trying to encode data constraints and so we got type systems.

— Chris 13:02

13:15 I think the next big step from removing incidental complexity from code is automatically managing time.

13:23 We have to remove these complex interactions that have nothing to do with our problems, because we need to be focused on actually solving things, not solving the problems around the solving our problems.

Programming is data transformation. Nothing else.

— Chris 15:50

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